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The Revolights Bike Lighting System : Thinking Different 

As Kent was riding home one night, he wondered why his bike’s headlight, meant to illuminate the road ahead of him, was mounted on the handlebars. Why couldn’t the light be closer to the ground? He put his engineering mind to work, and Revolights were born.

The arcs of light are formed by LEDs programmed to detect your speed and blink on as they pass the front or rear of the bicycle.

The Revolights bike lighting system consists of two narrow rings of LEDs that mount directly to each wheel using a series of rim-specific clips. Polymer lithium-ion batteries, bracket-mounted to the front and rear hub, supply power to the LEDs. The batteries are slim and lightweight, and can be charged via USB. A small, fork-mounted magnet provides speed data to the rings, allowing the LEDs to blink on only when oriented at the front or rear of the bicycle.